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Who am I?

Who is Daniel Catz?

Who is Daniel Catz? Good Question!  Firstly, thank you for visiting this website, I hope you find what you are looking for here.

The reasons you come to this site could vary hugely, but I am fairly sure the reason you are on this page is because you want to establish whether you can get some value from someone like me, or whether you should allow me to occupy some of the precious time in your life.

A little more about me:

So let me tell you a little about myself.  Firstly, I am an author, whether it be of blog posts like you see on this site, or my upcoming book.  I get great pleasure from sharing my strategies and tools for dealing with life’s journey.

Throughout this site, I talk about success, but it’s worth putting that into some perspective.  Success is different for everyone, for one person it could be about kicking a negative habit, dealing with anxiety or leading a healthy life, for others it can be about attaining wealth or possessions.

For me personally, in the first part of my life, success was in fact about money and possessions, because these were the things I didn’t have when growing up, but I quickly realised, once I had achieved these things that these were not the things that provided real fullfilment or happiness.  But fullfilment and happiness were not my goals when I set out, and hence were not what I really sought.

Simple beginnings:

My parents were relatively poor, growing up in one of the poorer parts of London, UK was not easy.  I sought and found great mentors who could help me and guide me towards my goals, I learnt to set effective goals, I created strategies to cope with adversity.  I was days from being bankrupt at least twice and repaid hundreds of thousands of pounds of debt.  I have run businesses and risen to executive levels in large multi-billion euro companies.

I havent done any of this without some struggles and I am not here to tell you that everything can be rosey as long as you think positively.  You will need to take action to reach success in whatever it is that you want to do.



You are unique:

I recognise that not everyone comes here knowing what it is that they want, its not always clear and it also changes over time.  That’s why I have created a simple 1 week, 3 step course to help you establish what it is that you want to achieve.  This 3-step course is totally free and gives you a taste of how I might be able to help you, it comes with some simple tools and is delivered via e-mail.  Just click on the link to get started today or fill in the form further up this page.

You are never the finished article:

I have overcome great adversity in my life, I was born to older parents who were often sick and died when I was relatively young, I have suffered from anxiety, I have overcome procrastination, I have learned time management skills and most recently I have overcome depression.

Thats right, even with all of these skills in the bag, sometimes life bites you with something unexpected and new.  However the skills and resilience I had built up meant that with the help of other people, I could overcome it quickly.

How I work:

I am not here to tell you how to live your life, I am here to give you some great tools and approaches to help you navigate what life throws at you and help you achieve success and happiness in whatever you choose to focus on.

Each of our journey’s is unique to us, I am not your usual think positive coach.  I have mentored and coached over 50 people to their personal success goals and I hope that  you can benefit from my experience and leverage the tools and habits that I have formed along the way.

The best way for you to get started is to jump on my free 3-step e-mail course and get your goals visualised now.

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