Do you know what your calling is?  Have you spent time really thinking about it?

That feeling that you experience when you know you can do something more in life but are not sure what that is, can indeed give you sleepless nights and constant worries.  If this happens to you, or perhaps some. less dramatic version of it, you may not have yet identified your calling.

to be completely congruent with how you spend your time in connection with a higher order pursuit, can be called “knowing one’s calling” in life. To know what you want to become and to know the purpose of your life is what we will call “Your Calling”.

Here are five ways to uncover your true calling in life; If you need a hand in terms of how to brreak this into goals, fill in the form at the bottom of this blog.

Observe dreams and its meanings

Your subconscious mind has a way to telling you if you are moving forward in the right direction. Pay attention to your life events and activities, people you meet and the places that you are drawn towards. Try to keep track of your dreams and connect with them as it will show you symbolically your life’s calling, work to break down what it is you care about and how you can connect your lifes purpose with that.

Express yourself in whichever way you like

Make time for things you love and work those things into your life and as much as possible into your work. It could be through music, art, charitable pursuits or anything else, just pay attention and align with your jourrney.

Think about the things you used to love.

More often, our callings are what we had wanted to do with our life as a kid until the pressure of society crept in. Go back in your memory and think about what you liked to do or wanted to be in your childhood.  Dont leave it there, as it still may not be obvious, break those things down into why you wanted to do them, and how they made you feel.

Observe what makes you feel good.

When we do what we are supposed to be doing in life, it makes us feel good, connected, joyful, loving and purposeful. Notice these feelings in your everyday life to understand your calling.  Complete the exercise in my free 3 day goal setting course to imagine your future, and draw frrom that what it is that makes you feel good.

Pay attention to things that keep coming back.

If there is something that keeps coming back to you and you feel good every time you do it, then that is your calling. It could be as simple as creating amazing stories for your kids every day.

In addition to all the above, patience is key when trying to discover your life’s true calling. Treat yourself, your practices and the world with patience.

What does 2021 hold for you?

I am no big fan of New Years Resolutions, but I cannot ignore that many of you use this time to start thinking about how you change your life. Changing your life isn’t done once a year, its a process that starts every morning and lasts all through the day.

The importance of switching off

We know that using your screen all day has negative effects on your health, and not least the reduction of quality of sleep you will get.

Different modes of motivation

Achievement motivation is nothing but the drive to pursue and attain goals. Someone following this type of motivation is primarily doing it to achieve an objective and to climb up the success ladder.

Simple ways to de-stress

Stress is a psychological action which affects a person’s mental health. With the competitive world getting tougher and workload getting more, it is common among many people in the world.

Train your mind to think positively

Positive thinking is nothing but simply looking at the brighter side of life. In simple terms, focusing on the green grass on your side of the fence is positive thinking.

The World of Success

First, let’s define what success means to a person. The term success is very subjective and depends on person to person and their goals in life.

Is motivation an internal job or external job?

External motivation is when a person is motivated to implement a behaviour or engage in an activity in order to earn a reward or avoid some type of punishment.

How to build self-confidence?

For many people, the fear of failure holds them back from pursuing their dreams. To overcome this fear, one needs self-confidence.

The key to happiness

Happiness, in my opinion, is more of an inner feeling rather than trying to derive it from external sources. In any given situation, it is only 20 percent of the situation and 80 percent of our reaction to the situation that determines our happiness.

Be Your Own Role Model

If you are the kind of person striving to be trusted, turned to, and looked up to by others in your life, then you first have to admire and love yourself and be your own role model.

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