First of all, I don’t want to set out. a scene where all you have to do is think positively and everything in life will manifest for you.  That is dangerous thinking.  In reality you still have to work for what you want and you will always have some form of challenge in you life to overcome.  Whats important is how you think about these things, but let me explain why.

The thing to recognise is you are what you think.  Having a negative frame of mind tends to achieve negative results, whilst having a p ositive frame of mind tends to create positive results.

Positive thinking, allows you to re-frame issues that may otherwise stop more negative people trying, or being more resillient.  Lets take an example.

In my life I have had a failed business, where I was just days away from being bankrupt, now you don’t generally go bankrupt overnight, just as you don’t find success overnight, it just seems that way. to the outside world.  Leading up to the situation I had many warrning points, and I listened to them, I was fighting hard and staying positive.  In a meeting I had about 1 month before I would potentially lose everything, I told the person I was meeting that he would not be able to find someone with my strength, determination or experience anywhere else, afte all, I was in my late 20’s I had a business, I had overcome major business challenges and I understood his business too.  In that meeting I was able to re-frame failures into important lessons, and provide him with the wisdom of what those failures had taught me.  That meeting saved me from bankruptcy.

Can you imagine what the outcome would have been if I had been down on myself, feeling sorry for myself and in the frame of mind to be asking for help?

Positive thinking is about looking at the challenges and negative events in our lives, and thinking about how they contribute to ou growth, how they set us apart from others, and how we don’t control the events, but we do control our response to them.

Here is how you can train your mind to think positively:

1. Think about the contribution negative events make to your life.

When things get on top of you, when bad. things happen, consider why they arre happening to you and how these events are opportunities for you togrow personally.  Think about and focus on the positive that exists within the negative.

2. Start and end your day being grateful

Consciously wake up and be grateful for all the things you already have, and be thankful for all the good things that happened during the day before bed. Channel your thoughts at these two specific moments and write them in a journal – see point 4.

Gratitude has been shown through researrch to be a key component to happiness, a simple habit of expressing gratitude by writing a jounral will help you recognise the positive things you have in your life.

3. Surround yourself with positivity

Both positivity or negativity, are contagious. If you realise that there is someone who is having a negative effect on your thoughts and life, keep them at a distance. Surround yourself with people who are willing to look at the good things in life.

Negative people will suck the life out of you, now of course, when your friend is going though a tough time, dont walk in the opposite direction, thats not even human.  Put your arms around them and help them understand the positives their situation may bring.  However when you have people in your life who only see the negative in everything, who aren’t there cheerleading for you, or who try to put you down all the time, these are the people to take a large step back from.

4. Keep a journal

This goes a long way in realising all the things that you have. Keep a daily journal and in it create a set of daily rituals.  Your journal should form part of your daily routine, it should contain you gratitude, it should bee your diary and it should contain your daily, weekly and monthly objectives to keep you focused on your goals.

Keep in mind that your positive thoughts combined with positive actions results in success in life. Live a motivated and positive life.

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