We have always been taught since childhood that keep working hard and success will follow. But this is not entirely true in every adult life. When you research about world’s most successful people, you will also notice that it is not through mere hard work that they have reach this position. There are a few essential but often overlooked ingredients to success apart from hard work.

Let us have a look at these ingredients of success;

1. Purpose 

What is your life’s calling? What is the purpose of what you are doing now? If you do not have the clarity on what your primary goal in life is then this more often than not the only thing that is holding you back from success. Therefore, next time your set a goal for yourself, do check as to how it aligns with your purpose in life in order to achieve success.

2. Passion 

Our life is programmed in such a way that we end up doing what things that give us joy and provide a sense of fulfilment in life. Make sure that your career as well as personal goals reflect this kind of passion to achieve success. There will be times when you do have clarity on what your passion is or in some cases an existing passion can die or fizzle out in between. If you are working towards a goal, then it is important to follow your instincts and also to put in the effort to find and maintain the passion in goal.

3. Self-Determination

the main difference between a successful person and others is not lack of knowledge or lack of strength but it is the lack of will and self-determination that could otherwise drive a person to success. Self-determination comes from one’s inner strength and valour, and it helps them to strengthen their internal beliefs in order to take on challenges and changes in life with ease.

4. Confidence 

when you know the purpose, have the passion and the determination, then all that you need now to succeed in your goal is the confidence to achieve it. Remove any mental blocks that you may have which causes you to keep finding excuses and procrastinating due to lack of confidence.

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