In these days of screens everywhere, busy lives and stress, how do you find ways to switch off?

We know that using your screen all day has negative effects on your health, and not least the reduction of quality of sleep you will get. Your sleep is critically important for good brain function and straight thinking during your waking hours, its also critical to ensure you feel healthy and strong.

There are other side-effects of the social media consumption we are all exposed to, by trying to switch that off for some time you are not so exposed to the artificial impression of wonderful lives of your online “friends”.. That doesn’t help you either as your expectations are not managed properly towards reality.

But generally we live lives today that are full of scheduled work, in our work lives and in our day to day lives outside of work. We have an overwhelming feeling of needing to be busy, or be constantly using our time productively.

So with all of these things going on, what can we do to ensure we switch off?

Lets look at some simple steps you can take to switch off:

  1. Put your phone well away from your bedside, and don’t use it an hour before bedtime.
  2. Schedule 10 minutes out of every 60 during the day to get up and walk away from your screen.
  3. Schedule in your downtime, in a schedule driven world you need to make space for it.
  4. Get out and exercise, simply go for a walk for 15 minutes, but try to walk for at least 30 every day.
  5. Schedule time with your family, loved ones and friends on a weekly basis.
  6. Schedule time for yourself, on your own each week.
  7. Try to do some things that allow your mind to drift, cleaning, painting etc. This allows your unconscious mind to work while your conscious mind relaxes.

Try to implement these simple steps to introduce more downtime in your schedule and your life.

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