You have and will always have the power to decide how a certain situation can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. It is always an easier option to look outside for reasons to blame someone or something for your unhappiness. But with a little bit of practice you can take control of your happiness and not channel your energies towards situations that negatively impact your own happiness.

Here are some tips to follow to gain your power to control your happiness instead of allowing external conditions to affect your feelings.

  1. When caught in unwarranted circumstance, take deep breaths and meditate while channelling your attention to a spot near your navel and towards the back of your spine. Doing this will give you’re the space to breathe and manage your whirlwind of thoughts.
  2. Step aside from the situation and reflect on what made you upset and how you feel in order to make the situation more susceptible to you. More often, it is an emotional need that has not been met which leads to unhappiness.
  3. Be grounded with nature and spend time outside by a stream of water, sitting on the grass or just leaning against a tree. Being more grounded to earth and nature reflects on your happiness.
  4. Let go of things you have no control over. Many external circumstances will be beyond your control. Holding on to it will only make you more upset. Let it go and review your choices to take a positive step forward.
  5. Always keep a habit of practising gratitude. Make a short list of things that you are thankful for and keep reviewing it often. This gives your inner peace and state of being.

It is true that happiness is indeed an inside job. It definitely takes time to cultivate a constant feeling of happiness but it will surely be worth all the effort because you know that when you are hit by a storm you will always have the tools to get back to your peaceful self.

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