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Thanks for buying and reading my book, 15 Steps.  I really appreciate you taking the time to read my book and I truly hope you enjoyed it.  I also hope you took some positive action associated with the steps I set out in the book.  You may alternatively be coming to the site to look at the bonus items, and if so thats also fine, but I recommend that you first take the positive steps in chapters 1,2,3 and 4 before engaging with any of the additional bonus items I set out below.

The bonus items are set out in line with the chapters in the book and relate directly to each of those chapters.  Each of these services are services I use myself, and these include some specific bonus items that I have created to help you through the journey.  Some of these services pay me a commission when you sign up to them, I tell you this for full disclosure, this is what allows me to deliver very reasonably prices e-books to you and maintain the blog and services on this website, there is NO additional cost to you.  I ONLY recommend services I myself have subscribed to and use regularly, I really appreciate your loyalty in clicking through these links if you are interested in them, if you have any questions please feel free to message me directly and I will help as much as I can.

There are three types of additional items you see below, the first is a link to additional reading material, books that I have read over the years that really help extend your understanding of these areas, I link to the book, the e-book and where available the audiobook.  I really like audiobooks, but it’s a personal choice, I like to listen to these in my downtime on my commute or on long journeys, I find this a really valuable way of consuming additional information in a busy schedule, particularly if you travel a lot.  The second is a link to a product or service, for instance, an app or an online service that supports my recommendations, again one that I have used and continue to use in most cases.  The Third is a link to a checklist or additional document that I have created or a course that supports the section or multiple sections.

Chapter 1. Confidence and Belief

In the first chapter I discussed Confidence and how it can be different, whilst related to belief.  Here I recommend a number of books for further reading, which take each of these subjects to a deeper level.


Chapter 2. Choices

Chapter 2 discusses you being in control, and whilst I have a natural affinity with taking control in my life, nothing in my life shifted me into a position of control as much as becoming an NLP, Hynotherapy and Time Line Therapy TM Master Practitioner.

Practical Miracles is a book about how NLP helped in making a huge transformation of life and death proportions and is an inspiring story reflecting how very powerful NLP can be.  I strongly recommend you get educated around NLP as much as possible, it will help you with taking control of your life and being in control of the choices you make.


Chapter 3. Are you insane?

In chapter 3, we discussed how important change is, but I recognise how difficult it can be and with limited space in a book with 15 individual steps, with the focus on getting started, I don’t have appropriate space to delve into this subject.  These recommendations are associated with allowing you to become better educated on change, and helping you through that process however hard it is.


Chapter 4. Goals and Ambition

You will recall I emphasise in the book the need for you to get used to using a journal, in particular this is important when setting out your goals and visualising your ambition.

What you find is that if you buy very specialist planners and journals, they can be expensive, I really recommend these but I also recognise that you need to get started somewhere on a budget so I have also included here some more budget wise options.

This requires a little explanation to help you make the right decision based on your needs and your budget.

The first journal below is a nice quality journal, there are many options but I would recommend choosing the lined version, its often a little more expensive but you gain some organisation and it looks nicer on the page, this also has a place to keep your pen and an organisation pocket at the back, I use this sort of journal on a daily basis as its not too expensive and its flexible.

My second recommendation is the most expensive, but its also my strong recommendation, these journals only cover a quarter and they are based around my own views on goal setting and achievement in that I strongly believe they should be focused on 4 quarters throughout the year, hence this costs you this amount every quarter.  So, yes it’s expensive but in my opinion, it’s the best.  I combine this with a 5-minute journal for morning and evening reflection, which does have some overlap and you could get away with just this in this respect but I like the single place for my morning and evening thoughts.

If you have looked at the full focus journal but rejected it on the basis of cost, the third recommendation is back to simple basics, with a choice of colours and a simple ruled set up this can be flexible and simple enough to get you started with a small investment, if cash is challenged this is the right option.

Now the last journal I recommend is the Daily Greatness Journal, I have used this but don’t currently.  Its here because I think it provides a really good structure to generating your daily deliveries and is a great tool if you also want a diary appointment and goal planner included.  It’s expensive but the work that has gone into creating this is reflected in the price.  Its comprehensive, and valuable, it’s just a little too structured for the way I work.  It may be great for you though, and if a structure will help you, in the beginning, this might be the way to go.


But it isn’t just about journalling, in fact, I cover this subject later in the book, however, if you are going to be writing your goals it’s better that you do that in a journal and start right.

You may have already signed up for my short e-mail course on goal setting, but I recommend you do that as there is a bonus goal planner with it and a video explaining how to use it, you can do that here:

Sign up for the 3-day e-mail course, it’s FREE and has exclusive bonus material.

Additionally, there are important elements around the goal-setting process and ensuring you have the right level of ambition.  Here are some reading recommendations for these areas.

Below, you find my very own bonus material on goal setting entirely FREE, plus a mentor of mine, Brian Tracy and his book Goals! which I highly recommend!

Insert Goal Setting Bonus



Chapter 5. Continuous Learning

All the books I provide recommendations to here, and in my book club which I you can sign up to below will provide you with plenty of learning material to continue your journey.

Additionally, I recommend using the links for audio books, where they are available as these are key learning options that save you plenty of time.

I also strongly recommend the below services because they provide you with interactive learning and certification possibilities which can enhance your career or many other areas of your life, help you relax, meditate, learn new skills and much more.

Key to do links to learning platforms here.


Chapter 6. Dealing with failure

Chapter 7. Reducing Stress.

My first journey to meditation was through transcendental meditation, but it really became a common habit when I was able to adopt guided meditation.  My first encounter was through Dan Harris’s book 10% happier and the app, which I have also linked to below.  I really got a great start with 10% happier but progressed to what I now use as a daily which is Headspace.

See my blog post here for more information on a range of Mindfullness Apps.


Chapter 8. Switching off.

Chapter 9. Move and Grow.

The two books I recommend here are great compliments to each other, I lost 30 kilo’s on this approach, I actually paid UP Fitness in Amsterdam thousands of Euro’s to train me on this programme and I personally know it works.  I have lived and breathed this approach to fitness and some of my key recommendations in my book are based on what I learned here and in my younger life with bodybuilding and martial arts.  The depth and clarity in these books is second to none, hands down the best instruction manual I have ever seen on keeping a healthy lifestyle.


Chapter 10. Managing your circle.

Chapter 11. Finding your guide.

Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn Affiliate programmes.

Chapter 12. Give First.

Chapter 13. Be the Leader.

Chapter 14. Keep a Journal.


Chapter 15. Overcoming Procrastination.

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