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If you are the kind of person striving to be trusted, turned to, and looked up to by others in your life, then you first have to admire and love yourself and be your own role model. Here are some small pointers which can help boost your confidence and push you towards being your own role model.

1. You are your own person and even if you do have the support system from your loved ones to help you grow, you still have to do most of the serious and important work yourself. Keep that in mind at all times.

2. Celebrate every increment in your step towards your goal. Every page you read or every problem that you solve is a huge step towards achieving your desired results. These little things do matter at the end of the day. Keep piling them on and celebrate them.

3. Do not always do only what is expected of you. Keep trying to do new things, learning something new out of your comfort zone, take up your hobbies regularly; these are what will take you to better places than where you already are.

4. If you only keep doing what you always have done, then you will only keep getting what you have always got. To keep pushing you further out of your comfort zone and to start believing in yourself keep trying some small brave things such as visiting a new place, keeping up a promise or trying something you have always been afraid of doing.

5. You and only you should keep track of your own accomplishes. No one else will do it for you. After a while this same list will be your motivation as well as your comfort.

6. It is inevitable that there will be a few setbacks in a long journey to success. Don’t let these affect your progress. Don’t let these difficult days undo all the good work you had done on the good days.

7. Assume that you will do better tomorrow, even though you had a great day today, because you are only bettering yourself every day and reaching your own benchmarks.

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