It should be obvious, but it is actually quite rare. Great leaders insist on high standards. Think about how difficult people say it is to work for some of the greatest leaders of our time. Often people perceive this as some form of personality deficit or a lack of compassion, but it doesn’t have to be. Insisting on high quality is not the same as being an asshole, but it might be perceived as being very difficult.

It’s about a state of mind that is relentless in the pursuit of greatness, that we do not accept less than the best. Leadership is often about how you squeeze out 1-5% more from people who may not have thought it was possible.

This is what Amazon are looking for here, the attitude that more is possible, that better is just that… better.

Of course seeking perfection is potentially a worrying trait you could find in these sorts of leaders, this can stop you getting anything done, or delivering anything. It can paralyse you into staying still until perfection is reached.

Amazons other principles help to balance this, but it’s a clear watch out when considering this principle.

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