Heres another look at the Amazon Leadership Principles, as set out by the Amazon Leadership Team. This time I take a look at Customer Obsession. If you would like to see all of the Amazon Leadership Principles, check out my first blog on the subject here.

Its absolutely right that Amazon puts customer obsession at the top of its list, its the basic foundation of any business to serve the customers.

But Amazon goes a step further, many businesses say they have a customer centric strategy, or they put customers first, but what I really like about what Amazon has done is that they have been really clear about how they want their leaders to think about customers.

Really putting customer obsession first

They want their leaders (and thats pretty much everyone in Amazon, see the later principles) to start everything they do with the customer and work backwards. That means everything, and everyone should “obsess” over customers. That really is quite something that other businesses dont quite demand, other businesses accept incorrectly that there are roles in their organisation that are “not customer facing” and they leave it at that.

Amazon expects everyone, including accountants and lawyers to start with the customer in mind, in everything they do. Now it’s easy to be cynical at this point, we can always wonder how many people live these values every day of their lives. We all have our bad day’s of course, but how many businesses have totally failed to set out their expectation, so you can easily be off the hook on your bad days?

As we move through the Amazon Leadership principles you will see that they hang together well, are very well thought through and worded and resonate with me in particular. I am not after a job at Amazon, I am doing fine thanks, but I have to take my hat off to a good set of principles.

Well done on this on A! Keep up the good work.

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