Happiness, in my opinion, is more of an inner feeling rather than trying to derive it from external sources. In any given situation, it is only 20 percent of the situation and 80 percent of our reaction to the situation that determines our happiness. But if you are feeling that you are constantly unhappy about life then you also will be happy to know that there are indeed keys to happiness that if practised over the years will keep you in a state of happiness. The state of well-being and happiness are actually life skills that can be learned and trained. So, let’s have a look at what the keys to happiness are.

1. Stop looking for happiness and start living it
One has to remember that happiness is not the result of doing one thing, but it actually requires many actions coming together in order for us to see a change. For example, rather than deciding to sleep more, we have to try to make a true lifestyle change, which will take longer than simply going to sleep earlier one night. Hence, small changes like these put together will result in a happier you.

2. Live in the “now” to be happy
Living in the present and being connected to the moments that you’re living are some keys to happiness, but it’s one of the hardest things for us to do. Do not think about what is to come, just enjoy the present and forget your past and future. This way you will constantly feel happy.

3. Learn to be grateful to be happy
Having gratitude is being appreciative of the things that we have and this is a key to happiness. Being appreciative means accepting your life for what it is and learning how to live in the moment. Once the acceptance comes in, then you will be happy with whatever you have.

4. Exercise to be happy
Exercising is on every health and well-being list on the planet. The positive effects of exercise on both our physical and mental health are infinite. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, which are natural opioids that decreases the pain and actually makes us feel happier from the inside and outside.

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